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Super Streaker 0.99Z premiere at Baoum gallery, 2007

PositionPlayer nameScore
4 JER082600
8BA 81200
13 BITE70100
14JER 69500
15 69500

super streaker by jeremie cortial and zescript super streaker shooting all players add banner buster video game

SUPER STREAKER v0.99Z (2007)
Project by Jer Cortial and Ze Script Team.
Staff Credits.

In Super Streaker you will have to run naked through a soccer stadium. You must destroy the stadium as well as the 22 players within a very short time! Then your hi-score will be sent in real time from the gallery to zescript.info.

Super Streaker is a video game project designed like an art installation: a blue tooth laser gun shaped out of polyester resin, an immersive video projection, and a crazy sound track. That's what we offer to the future of video games, and not just a mere window in internet explorer or a shelf in Wal'Mart. Super Streaker will be shown in several places such as galleries or festivals. The project was fully designed in collaboration with the programming team Ze script, which is launching a freeware game developpement kit to make your own games. Super Streaker is made of recycling of digital waste, mix of ideas, and spontaneous anarchic organisation, and it applies the do-it-yourself recipes to a very cathartic game. It's an amusement parc for the mind that allows virtual disobedience against mass-entertainment industry.

Super Streaker 0.99Z for PC. 13Mo. Supports mouse or Wiimote. ZeScript-7.10.zip

Original Super Streaker theme by Aidos. Aidos_Super_streaker_theme.mp3

Super streaker 0.99Z exhibition prices list. From hyper-collector art pieces to t-shirts!
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playing video game in the gallery underground arcade art project
Super Streaker Exhibition presented by Chienpo from Elshopo, pictures by Annabelle Folliet and Jer Cortial


ZONE IP Digital festival, Baoum gallery, MC2, Grenoble, november 2007.

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SUPER STREAKER PRO for iPhone, June 23rd 2010 to April 5th 2011, then censured by Apple. Download IPA version

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Jer Cortial from elshopo

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